I have always loved art, particularly drawing, painting and calligraphy. I remember distinctly starting to draw in the fourth grade with a friend who showed me anime. I wasn’t very good but practiced every day, I would trace, sketch, shade and color until I perfected my technique. I became very serious about art. Even simple art projects in the fifth grade would be meticulous masterpieces for my younger self.

I was constantly producing fan art, finding new styles to reproduce. Then, in my middle school art class, I was required to produce completely original work using a variety of mediums. I absolutely loved it, being able to create anything you could imagine. It forced me to create a personal technique, to find inspiration then create with what material was available to you.

During my collegiate experience, I was given the opportunity to use the Adobe Suite programs. I started making flyers for organizations using Photoshop. Then, working at The Current Sauce (university’s student-run newspaper), I started learning how to use InDesign and edit photos with Photoshop. Other than the help of my coworkers and a workshop, I am completely self-taught.

After creating my first design, I was amazed how one little thought turned into something substantial. A small piece of colorful art that could be printed.

A few examples of various designs I have done:

Dr. Henderson quote graphic, published in The Current Sauce
Adobe InDesign

Flyer for Mr. Hero of the Night fundraiser
Adobe Photoshop

Online flyer for the 2016 NSU French Festival
Adobe InDesign

Poster for the 2016 NSU French Festival
Adobe InDesign

Various flyers used during the 2016 NSU French Festival
Adobe InDesign

Flyer for Sigma Alpha Iota Reception Services
Adobe Photoshop

Poster for 2014 Lady of the Night Fundraiser
Adobe Photoshop