My name is Karla Mae Ewing. I am an average girl with the most average features. I am 5 feet and 4 inches tall-average, have brown hair-average, and brown eyes-average. Just judging by my appearance one would say, “Why, what an average woman.”

Though I believe I am average in many ways, basic and normal, I am special too. Each individual is different and needs to find their own road to happiness. My life has had struggles and will continue to but, I have developed several passions which keep my life interesting. I enjoy writing, designing, photography and art.

It’s become cliché to say you love traveling, but I have ceaseless wanderlust and curiosity about the world. I enjoy traveling and will try anything new at least once. I want to see the world and experience everything I can in this short span of time we call human life. The endless possibilities and opportunities of the earth excite me and, I want to share each new experience here on my website (even if no one ever reads it).


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