Travel tips

Traveling at home

Traveling is an amazing, enriching opportunity. Even in your own country, travel to have new experiences in different cities. Each country is home to a variety of cultures to discover. Most people think they need to travel to an exotic country to have an unexpected excursion, but take advantage of what your country has to offer!

Be open minded and have an adventure!


Planning your trip

It’s important to know yourself before you travel. Ask yourself, what do you like to do? How long is your holiday and how much are you willing to spend? Solo travel or group travel? How far do you want to travel? Pick a vacation destination based on your interests and budget.

Once, I spent the weekend in a neighboring town. Not “traveling”? I beg to differ. The town has a history and culture completely different from my hometown. I discovered new facts about my state, centered around this area, that I would have never known before.

Do you want to travel abroad? Check out my International travel tips.

Be Flexible

When you have planned everything to a T, anything can and will happen. Traveling is a wild adventure. It can be stressful but that’s part of the experience. Travelers have to be flexible and open minded.

Be Prepared

Buying tickets in advance lets you skip the line at main attractions. Though it’s important to be flexible when traveling, it’s nice to have a little structure. Research a bit where you are traveling to, find things that interest you, and keep an open mind.

I think it’s also helpful to research transportation options. Some cities and countries offer travel passes; which depending on how often you are traveling, this may be the best deals and save you some money.


Keep cash hidden with you in case of emergencies. If you wallet gets stolen or card declined, it’s better to have the option. Also, let  your bank know where and when you are traveling so they don’t block your card as fraud.

Talk to locals

Locals are the only people who truly know the city you are visiting. If you want to get to know the city better, ask for a local’s opinion. Also, check out current events during your vacation.


We’re all guilty of it and it ends up costing us-overpacking. Unless you are moving abroad, you don’t need 15 pairs of socks. Next time you travel, check out my suggested Packing Tips for a list of what to pack and what not to. It’s important to separate important items, just in case a bag gets lost or stolen. Make sure you pack sunscreen and a first aid kit.


This could go under packing, but, it is incredibly important that you bring a water bottle or a backpack with a water bladder during your vacations. Being a tourist is a great form of exercise and to get the most out of your trip, stay hydrated.

Get a map

At the train station or tourist office-get a map as soon as possible. Most tourist town will have a map with main attractions or a walking tour. Make sure to note the address of your accommodation somewhere. I like marking a spot on my map and familiarizing myself with nearby landmarks and public transportation. Make sure to check the closing times of transportation in the city you are visiting. It is also good to “star” the location on GoogleMaps, or another GPS application. Personally, I prefer having a hard copy written down somewhere, just in case my phone dies or I lose service.

Free WiFi

Be careful using free WiFi in public places. If you need to make a bank transfer or online payment, it is safer to do it on a protected network.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is usually for international travelers. If you are traveling in your own country, medical insurance from your area usually applies in other cities. If you are flying, you can purchase travel insurance from the airlines for baggage protection; this covers the cost if your luggage is lost. Research what is best for you, the best travels are safe travels!


Take all the photos! I am notorious for taking too many photos… Especially sunset photos. As I travel more, I’ve developed a sense of travel photography. I no longer take photos of everything but specific things that stand out to me. If you are a travel blogger, keep in mind articles when you are taking photos. Though you don’t need to capture every single moment, it is good to have an overview of your trip so you can share the photos on your travel blogs. Make sure you have extra batteries packed or a backup camera (I just use my phone when I’m not using my camera). Also, if I’m traveling with my laptop, I backup my photos every night-just in case.

Let someone know when you are traveling

I always tell someone when I’m traveling, whether it be a friend or family. Though we may be tempted to go Into the Wild, leaving everything behind, it is an important safety precaution. If there is every an emergency, someone will be aware of where you are and about how long you were planning to stay.


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