No keurig in my office!

I took a freelance writing position with a developing website and thus, have been spending more time in an office setting. The office, in a suburb of Paris, has a single-cup Nespresso machine. The Nespresso machine is the European version of the American phenomenon-the Keurig.

Before these fantastic one cup machines, people used to take coffee breaks together and share a pot of coffee. I can only imagine it: office-workers in their pencil skirts and blouses or slacks and ties, gossiping together in the kitchenette about their weekend, kids, and latest office drama.

I didn’t start drinking coffee in college, but I sure upped my daily dosage. A fond college memory are the late nights we stayed up staying together in the dorm rooms, all sharing a pot of coffee. “Any body want some coffee?” Dreary eyes respond, “Please!” “Okay, I’ll go put on another pot.”

Where did this camaraderie, this fraternity among coffee lovers go? It was destroyed, along with eco-friendliness, by the convenience of the Keurig and Nespresso machine.

The bottom line is, you can’t share a Keurig or Nespresso cup of coffee. Coffee drinking used to be a communal activity. Now, at a real adult office, we are confined behind cubicles, making singles cup coffees for ourselves rather than asking our neighbor, “Hey want some coffee? Okay, I’ll go put a pot on.” It feels as though we are trapped in solitude, staring at a computer screen. No coffee breaks takes one of the only means of socializing away from an office job.

Being new and nervous in a foreign office, it was a dramatic and discouraging realization. I had to become independent from beloved coffee for social interactions, so, I stayed aware for other socializing situations. Although I miss the social coffee breaks, I started taking advantage of lunch breaks, Wi-Fi failures, and opportunities to ask coworkers about the website.

Understanding that I couldn’t always drink my 20 cup coffee pot alone (or so they say…), I gave into the one cup craze. Personally, I don’t like one cup coffee makers that use plastic pods like the Keurig k cups or Nespresso pods. I feel as though some of the plastic is bound to be melted into your cup of joe, that is, before you chunk it in the trash—condemning it to the landfill. Black Friday before last, I bought a cheap Black and Decker one cup coffer maker with a reusable filter. This $20 machine saved me money and gave me the convenience of a single cup coffee maker. Besides the machine being a great deal, the reusable filter eliminates the constant waste of the Keurig k cups or Nespresso pods. Also, I can choose my own brand of coffee and make the cup of joe as strong as I’d like. A more eco-friendly, flavorful cup of southern coffee, don’t mind if I do indulge in a single cup!



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