Prepare thyself: Where to find the best travel resources in Paris

As I began to plan for my trip to Switzerland, though there are enormous amounts of information on the web, I wanted an old-fashion guide book or map.

In Paris, anyone with a passport can get a library card for FREE. This card allows them to check-out books, cds, and dvds  from any of the public libraries in the city (57 to be exact!). Click here to find more information about the City of Paris librares.

The bibliothèque Germain Tillion, located not far from Trocadero in the 16th arrondismont, offers a wide variety of travel resources for destinations around the world. They have travel books and maps. Though most are in French, I did find a few books in English.

This specific library is known for for its travel resources. It is the focal point in Paris, as far as public libraries are concerned, for travel resources. I was amazed by the amount of travel books and maps they had in their section dedicated to voyages. I took books about europe in general, specific countries or cities, and Paris! They had a vaste collection of torism books and plans dedicated to Paris.

So whether you are planning your visit to Paris or you want to travel from Paris, browse among a variety of travel resources at the Germain Tillion public library.

For more information check out the Paris City Library site here or send an email to


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