African Lounge

Paris is known for gastronomy, being a cultural hub with a wide variety of haute cuisine. I dined at an African restaurant, the African Lounge to be specific, this weekend.

The restaurant is very small but cozy, with modern decor. I was impressed by their use of reds and oranges to create a modern but natural atmosphere. On the walls of the restaurant were portraits of internationally promenient people of African descent. The booth styled seats had charming, comfortable pillows to rest your back upon.


We had to wait, wedged by the door, almost an hour to be seated. Fortunately, we were able to order drinks at the bar while we waited. My  drink, a juice called jus de bissap, wasn’t on the menu but it  was delightful; naturally sweet and savory. We also tried the jus de jimjambe, ginger juice. It had a boldly spicy, refreshing and exotic taste. Also, the waitress took our food order so when we were seated, we didn’t wait long for our food.


My dish was the poulet brezé with white rice. My friend got the poisson brezé with white rice and we shared banane plantin. The dishes were served with a tomatoe based sauce and the server brought us an additional spicy sauce. A sauce so piquant it stayed in the back of my throat for at least five minutes after I tasted it. A firey taste that burned, but, not much flavor.


The poulet brezé dish included a variety of pieces cooked over a fire, bbq style, and topped with peppers. I found it a bit dry and hard to eat with silverware. In my opinion, it could have used a sauce or a glaze.


The banane plantin, fried bananas, were delicious. They weren’t greasy or overly sweet. I found the entire meal, juice included, to have an organic taste.


The small details of the decor kept the atmosphere natural and modern. For example, the bill was given to us in a beautiful, ornate wooden box. The cover had intricate carvings on it. Also, on each table were placemats in the shape of green, tropical leafs.


I enjoyed the ambience of the resaturant. The restaurant was open late, which is convienent for a nice, late night meal. It was small but swelled with a sense of black pride. The food was good but I wouldn’t order the chicken again. For my taste, it was too dry and hard to eat at a restaurant. Everything else we had at the restaurant was delectable.

Click here for the restuarant’s website

Click here for the restaurant’s Facebook page



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