“Un spectacle vivant…ou presque”

Written by: Mohammed Bekada, Marco, Jane Resmond, Frank Victor

Directed by: Jo Brami

Location: Théâtre Mélo D’Amélie

Jane Resmond acts in the one-man comedy show “Un spectacle vivant…ou presque.”

The first character we meet is the lovable producer. Resmond disguises herself with a wig and glasses to portray the charismatic, comical character. She surprises the audience by returning between scenes, keeping the audience active and engaged.

51e1e3137b93988d57cfc7de2a0e56e5.jpgIn the second scene, we see God discussing the matter of overpopulation and the state of humanity on the phone. His solution to all of the problems caused by humans? Send everyone a card, red or blue, which determines their fate. One means you can continue to live on Earth. The other indicates that you will be sent to heaven… But, you must die first.

Resmond acts a variety of characters’ reactions after they recieve thier card. Each character is extreme and unique, having unexpected personalities and reactions.

Resmond’s best quality was her ability to interact with the audience and be personable. The script was well written with many surprises to keep the audience interested and the jokes were hilarious!


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