“Je buterais bien ma mère un Dimanche”

Written by: Julie Villers

Directed by: Johanna Boyé

Location: Le Point Virgule

Julie Villers acts the role of three women, three generations of family in the crude comedy theater piece “Je buterais bien ma mère un Dimanche.”
aff_JulieVillersrevendeurs_640The onewoman show follows three characters: a kooky but sweet girl, her cold, regretful mother and the smoking, sensual, senile grandmother. Each is stuck in a past of regrets that revolves around the unwanted birth of a daughter who disrupts the mothers’ careers. Each mother blames their child for holding them back and stealing their youth.

This dramtic comedy piece, though hilarious and full of crude humour, still manages to pull at the audience members’ heart strings. Three generations of women, lost in the past and blaming each other for their misery. A broken family who may not forgive themselves and accept each other.

Julie Villers brillantly played all three characters. She was able to switch seamlessly between characters. The use of specific mannerisms, voices, facial expressions clearly distinguishing each personality and tell the individual’s story. Villers began her humor in the waiting line outside, kept a high energy throughout the show and engaged well with the audience. Her dynamic, talented performance deserves a round of applause!

Click here for tickets.


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