Parle moi d’amour

30 years of marriage explode in a witty hour and a half play written by Philippe Claudel. An older couple, played by Caroline Silhol and Philippe Magnan, spill their darkest secrets, self loathing and life regrets in a brilliant romantic comedy.

parle-moi-d-amour-bigThe husband and wife contrast each other in every way. The wife is elegant, artistic, acknowledge. The husband is cold, with an eye only for business and takes no pleasure in the abstract art his wife loves. Their conflicting personalities erupt into a raging disagreement, each pulling out the other’s skeletons from their marraige closet. They go back and forth insulting each other in an amusing manner. Alternating dialogue and movents around the stage, the actors keep the audience laughing with politcal references and backhanded compliments.

The comdey climaxes when the argument is no longer humourous, taking a dark, serious tone. It felt as if all the love and compassion had been sucked out of the room. Fear grabs the hearts of the audience memebers as the mind teases them with the thought of the play ending with the ending of the marriage.

But alas, they forgive each other as they have always done in the past. Their marriage, though not perfect, lasts due to their ability to give and take. Their realistic marriage, with faults and shortcomings, is a beautiful testament to the humanity of the world and the power of love.

Parle moi d’amour. Talk to me about love, compromise and acceptance

The show is currently in Paris, directed by Morgan Perez, and will be showing at the Pépinière Theater Tues. through Sat. at 9p.m., and  6 p.m. on Sat. from Feb. 7 to March 31.



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