Daily Prompt: Quicken

I saw the word prompt word “quicken” and I immediately thought of the bustling city life, hundreds of thousands of people trying to quicken their route to work, quicken their professional progression, quicken their career success, quicken their lives.

Unfortunately, this mindset doesn’t allow one to pause every now and then and enjoy life; after all, we only get one. The city, career-focused, faced-fast life is a hard one to live. Constantly climbing the professional and social ladder can be exhausting and what happens if you miss a step and fall? Trying to quicken your way up can lead to a crucial mistake, and consequently, a downfall.

I look back at my younger self, always wanting to quicken time and never appreciating where I was. Wanting to fly through high school and college, thinking there was something better for me in the future. Older people would tell me not to rush through life, take your time. “Life is too short,” they say. “I always wanted to do this and that but never did,” they tell me. “You should take advantage of your youth.” Seeing as they have the most life experience, I started listening to them.

I began slowing down, living a lifestyle not consumed by the concern of a career or money. Though I think it important to have life goals, it is also important to travel, meet new people, go kayaking and camping, and to cross off those things on your bucket list. I don’t want to get old, be stuck in a career and regret never doing those things I always wanted to do…

So, remember to enjoy and appreciate where you are. You don’t have to get to your destination quickly, just as long as you get there and have fun along the way.


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