Bois de Vincennes

During my first few weeks in Paris, I was overwhelmed by the city and all of it’s attractions. Of course I wanted to visit the Moulin Rouge, Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe-all the post card destinations. But, by living in Paris with a host family, I’ve been able to experience an everyday Paris.

I wasn’t acknowledge about Paris before moving here, other than the romanticized idea I kept from books and films. One day, the mother suggested I visit Bois de Vincennes. I looked on Google Maps and found a large green section associated with the name-I had no idea such an area existed in the center of Paris.

Bois de Vincennes, 12th arrondissement. The forest is very big, offering several monuments and attractions therefore I did not add a metro stop pin for this site.

The next day I filled up my CamelBak and set out on an adventure. The forest is absolutely beautiful. I followed various paths around a lake with gorgeous swans and got lost walking the soft paths of the forestry. The feel of dirt became a novelty my feet deeply appreciated after tramping the concrete and brick-way streets of Paris. I was astounded by the raw nature I found. There were times I forgot I was in a large city until I stumbled upon a road that cut through or an attraction. Embedded in the forest are restaurants, monuments, and even a horse stable which offers rides.


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