New Year’s in Paris

If you expected the New Year’s celebrations in Paris to be at the Eiffel Tower, you’d be wrong.

Paris hosts it’s New Year’s firework show at the Arc de Triomphe. A great light display is projected onto the wider faces of the Arc. It was impressive quality-very beautiful and detailed.

The firework show itself, on the other hand, was not. We got sucked into the huge crowd and could barely see anything. The roads were blocked off in a manner which pushed people behind buildings, not offering very good vantage points. The crowd wouldn’t have been so bad except the fireworks only lasted about three minutes.

We were so disappointed. Then, when trying to leave, the metro was over capacity. We decide to duck into a cafe and have a bottle of wine. About two o’clock we tried to leave, having an after party to attend, but the metro was blocked off by police. We were very confused and got stuck in yet, another crowd. The public transport was free all night, which was fortunate because by the time we walked all the way to a station near the Eiffel Tower, I realized my wallet had been stolen!

To say the least it was a frustrating night but the company was good. The pain of getting down there, in the masses, was not even worth it! I would not recommend going to the Arc for any future New Year’s events. Rather, find a party with some friends and enjoy yourselves!


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